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  • This is a computer-oriented course that is a valuable elective for all levels of students to learn to use computers for word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications using Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.
  • Students will learn to key on computers with major emphasis on technique, proofreading, and correcting errors. Students learn to format memos, letters, tables, and reports. Sufficient skill is developed for personal use.

  • In this course, students are provided with hands-on practice designing web pages for various purposes.
  • Students learn to plan and record personal financial information. Basic accounting concepts are introduced along with spreadsheet applications. Recordkeeping is recommended as a preparation for Accounting I.

  • This independent-study course provides an opportunity to develop Web sites for clients. Students will be expected to master HTML and DreamWeaver tools for Web site creation. Students must have instructor approval to participate in addition to successfully completing the semester-long Web Page Design.
  • Welcome to Consumer Ed!

  • This is a two semester college prep biology course, where students study the nature of life. Students will be challenged to learn and apply biologic terminology in addition to participating in hands on experiements and projects. Group work and colaboration will be emphasized to build strong communication skills.

    During the course of the second semester we will be finishing up our genetics unit, studying evolution, exploring plants and ecology, plus investingating invertebrates and chordates.

  • These lessons are intended for any student who would like to improve their vocabulary. By completing all 36 lessons, a student may increase his/her reading comprehension which will lead to improved test scores. In addition, completed lessons may earn extra credit points in some courses.
  • Welcome to College Prep (CP) biology. The main goal of this class is to investigate scientific terminology and apply skills used by biologists. Throughout this course students will be challenged to apply their knowledge through collaborative group activities, hands on labs, and creative projects. As a freshman course, I will be teaching and enforcing the use of reading and studying strategies, academic organization and teamwork to insure students will be ready for future courses.
  • This site allows my chemistry students to access additional help materials for class

  • This full year class prepares a student for a college biology class. Topics covered include the cell and various cell processes, classification, plants, animals and ecology.  This website will supplement classroom activities and provide students with additional information. 

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